Cakes And Snacks

cupcakes - smile                            christmas cakes or are they puddings?


Plain, apricot or chocolate chip

£4.00 for 16

Large Cookies.

White chocolate and cranberry, choc chip, Anzac.

£4.00 for 16

Welsh Cakes

Why not snack on our local treat? Little drop scones filled with raisins.

£2.50 for 10

Rocky Road squares.

Chocolate, crushed ginger and digestive biscuits, glace cherries, cranberries, mini marshmallows and syrup – definitely not a low calorie treat, but still delicious!

£4.00 for 16


Jo’s speciality!

Light flavoured sponge topped with mascarpone frosting. Jo offers a wide range of flavours, including:

  • Vanilla “99” – Vanilla sponge with vanilla frosting topped with a chocolate flake
  • Eton mess – Vanilla sponge with raspberries topped with meringue and marshmallow white chocolate frosting
  • Cherry Bakewell – Almond sponge with glace cherries topped with almond frosting and a cherry.
  • Cappuccino – Coffee flavoured sponge topped with white chocolate and vanilla frosting
  • Peppermint – Peppermint and choc chip sponge topped with peppermint frosting and a mint chocolate.
  • Bara Brith – (A Welsh fruit cake) Cinnamon and raisin sponge topped with “Earl Grey” Frosting. A must try!

£10 per dozen


  • Jam Doughnut Muffins – Light vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam and topped with butter and sugar.
  • Jaffa Cake Muffins – Chocolate sponge filled with orange curd, topped with chocolate and orange frosting.
  • Lemon doughnut – Lemon sponge filled with Lemon curd, topped with butter and sugar.

£8 per dozen