27 May

Bike Hire

Now Available!

Our new Cycle Hire Service

To make your holiday complete.

A set of 5 bikes for all the family.

Full Set Of Family Bikes


2 quality adult mountain bikes, 2 adolescent bikes, and even a child’s bike.

We also have a ‘tag-along’ that clips onto an adult bike for the younger biker.



2 bikes £30 per day

4 bikes (or more) £50 per day


Please order when booking your holiday so that we can arrange delivery. Available to house guests only.

Book for as many or as few days of your stay as you need. We can be flexible on charging, for example if it turns out that you only use the bikes for 2 days due to weather, that is what we will charge you for.

Please contact us for further details.

This is a fairly limited selection for a small group of amateur cyclists. If you need more professional help, check out Skyline Cycles.