Booking Confirmation

You’re Almost There – Just a few small things!

We just need to ask you ask you a few questions to confirm that you received the vital information we sent you recently.

Thanks again for your booking.
Have a great stay

Booking Confirmation
You should have already agreed this with us, but just in case.....
E.G. All 3 adults would prefer single rooms. The 2 children do/do not share a room And so on...
If you booked through TripAdvisor they will have given you this. If you booked through AIRBnB, they will. Those who booked through will find it in their confirmation e mail. Alternatively, if you booked on the phone or over e mail with us, you will find the Ref Number in your 'Welcome Letter'
The latest version of your 'Welcome Letter' will have been e mailed to you shortly after your last payment.
We won't charge if you are upgrading the value of your booking by at last £20.00, but will generally charge a £30.00 fee for a downgrade or other amendment.
The 'Directions and Key Instructions' were included in the Welcome Letter.
You may not have mobile phone or internet connection in the last part of your journey, so you are advised to print copies and save videos locally on your device if required
The 'Terms and Conditions' were included in the Welcome Letter and a link is available below.
Tell us about any documentation you may be missing. But check your e mail accounts first please. We are only a small organisation and we don't really have time to send you everything twice over. And please read everything fully before asking a question. Ninety-nine percent of questions you may have will have already be answered in the documents we have sent you.

We may also email you from time to time with Special Offers and Deals  that you may be interested in.   We will never SPAM you and you can ALWAYS opt out of this.


Failure to complete this form promptly could result in your booking not being correctly processed. Your dates could be re-allocated and / or your money refunded. We hope that doesn’t happen, so please carry on.