Check-In and Out Times Policy

Arrival and Departure Times

Check in time is 5:00pm
  • However, let us know if you prefer a different time and we will be flexible if possible.
Check out is normally at 10:00am
  • However, you can’t always enjoy a holiday and relax if you have to work to a regimented schedule!
  • So here is our flexible policy:
    • If there are no arrivals on your departure day, we can be more flexible about check out time. You could either:

      • Discuss with us the options of a free late departure subject to no late bookings being made for that day.  This free option is entirely at risk of being cancelled at short notice!


      • You could secure the property until 6pm, for about 50% of the daily rate – quote upon request.

    • Please contact us if you need to discuss this and will try to accommodate any requirements.

  • Please do not assume it is OK to do any of this, but check with us first (contact us) Otherwise it is likely that the housekeepers will arrive and disturb your peace 🙂
  • And please don’t ask the night before you leave as he housekeepers will have already set their schedule for the week and may be coming at 11am.
  • Plan Ahead!