Latest News From Our MTB Accommodation in Glyncorrwg

19 February 2015


Take a look at this great waterfall. Unbelievably, this beautiful scene is less than 10 minutes walk from the houses.  How luck we are to live in a place like south Wales.


And on a Mountian Bike, this is one of the first sights you see if you head straight up the mountains from the house (via Nolton Terrace).

MTB Trail Dog-Walking!

Speaking of which, I recently did a five hour walk with the dogs around all the hills in the area.  It was 2 weeks after any snow had fallen but there was still plenty of it around on the ground.  The dogs loved it and so did the MTB ers I spotted on some of the more remote parts of Skyline and Blade trails.

Here’s a couple of highlights;

10 February 2015

Great News!

Our self catering accommodation just got better.  We’ve just signed a contract with ExtraClean to give an extra touch of sparkle to all the rooms.  And one with Washed4U to give a professional touch to the linen.

DSC08167                         DSC08166